Comey – the great distraction

Compared to the Super Bowl ,with some reporters even saying it should be a national holiday, the testimony of James Comey is apparently the biggest thing in politics for years – which tells you how sadly (willfully?) misguided the media and the citizenry has become.

Do I need official testimony to tell me that politicians are corrupt and will do anything in their power to get elected?  How is this news?  Why is the media so determined to get people wrapped up into this?  Have liberals ever tried harder to smear one man than Trump?  When he is finally gone and replaced by the next bozo in line and we realize that wait – they are putting forth the same rapacious and backwards policies as he did – will people finally wake up?

IT’S NOT ABOUT ONE MAN.  Trump is not the problem, folks!  It is us, who sit here like sheep as administration after administration pass us by looting and destroying the middle class year after year.  We only pay attention when we get a nice easy courtroom-TV narrative that Trump is so willing to dish out, then we go back to bed.


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