Freedom: a spiritual corollary to the previous post

In order for us to free ourselves from the chains of the corporate oligarchy and its financial parasitism, we first and foremost must be willing to stop and look honestly at ourselves, the world around us, and then take action. Are we ready to look?  Are we prepared for the immensity of the fight before us?  Are we ready to risk it all, throw down the stake, and say no more? Do we have the faith and fortitude to trust one another and battle together for the greater good?  If it cannot happen on an individual basis, it surely will not happen on a societal level.  The forces of corruption and greed are too strong; only a united, informed citizenry can fight it back.

This is in essence the argument presented in The Grand Inquisitor poem in Dostoyevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov.  In the poem, Christ comes back to earth and performs miracles at the time of the Inquisition.  The people see hope and possibility, and the leaders quickly sentence him to death. The Inquisitor (one of the leaders) visits Jesus in the jail cell prior to his death, and argues that although Jesus may be willing to die for freedom, the people are not.  The people cannot handle freedom – they are weak, selfish, and must be dominated.  They wouldn’t know what to do with themselves without the force and power of the Church.  Jesus kisses the Inquisitor and does not answer.

Right now, we are in the same position except the church has been replaced by the corrupt, broken, American government – which is really just one appendage of the globalist financial elite that has come to utterly dominate the world through decades of deregulation, monopolization, and the private takeover of the public domain.  Every four years we are given the facade of democratic choice, but the parasite just grows and grows, devouring everything in its path.  The people submit to it, accept the meager existence it offers us, because we are either too scared or not even aware of the possibility for change.

Jesus, for lack of a better word, isn’t coming to save us.  Jesus isn’t a Democrat or a Republican or a President.  Jesus doesn’t answer the Inquisitor because he is each and every one of us, he is that ever-present potential for revolution and freedom.  The question is being posed to you and I, challenging us to look inside ourselves and see if we are ready for it.  The question has been asked again and again throughout history, and the answer has almost always been the same. Unfortunately, we’re running out of time. The stakes are too high this time, the world is globalized, enormous power is concentrated in the hands of very few, the environment is at severe risk of becoming inhospitable to human life, people have been pushed to their limit.  What will our answer be this time?


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