The pain of emptiness.

They say the root of all fear is the fear of death.  The death of you.  How can you kill something which never was, though?  You cannot, of course.

The ultimate sadness and then liberation of the human being lies in it being willing to admit the falseness of the tightly woven web that it has constructed around itself to prevent the truth from shining through. That empty, endless chasm of meaninglessness does not just disappear as soon as it is acknowledged, unfortunately.

The conviction necessary to face and face again that ugly demon is hard to come by.  Faith is the opposite of doubt.  So we are asked to take a step into nothing, let ourselves die, with absolutely nothing to hold on to on the other side.

But what alternative, really?  Continue pretending to participate and take seriously this lie of independent existence and purpose?  The lie has been sniffed out, and now I am swirling down the drain kicking and screaming the whole way.

“The world has little to offer apart from food, clothes and shelter, and pleasure with its great sorrows. Meditation is wandering away from this world; one has to be a total outsider. Then the world has a meaning, and the beauty of the heavens and the earth is constant. Then love is not pleasure. From this all action begins that is not the outcome of tension, contradiction, the search for self-fulfilment or the conceit of power.”

– J. Krishnamurti


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