NYTimes Trolljob extraordinaire (slow day at work)

My recent email back-and-forth with the NYTimes reporter Nelson D. Schwartz regarding his front-page article celebrating the wonderful Obama economy, my email begins with the quote from his article:

 ‘For all his criticism of Mr. Obama’s economic stewardship during the campaign, Mr. Trump inherits an economy that is fundamentally solid. Consumer sentiment, corporate profits and the stock market are all at or near multiyear highs.’

Fundamentally solid?? You should be ashamed everyday to wake up when you push misinformation like that and play stooge for the corporate oligarchy.  What world are you living in?

How does multi-year high corporate profits and stock market (brought about by stock buybacks, not productive expansion) help the everyday american, who has no stake in either?  You know, those people that aren’t in your little bubble that maybe serve you food now and again?  Income has soared for the richest of the rich, while it has been basically flat for decades for everyone else.  (you may want to include inflation adjusted numbers in your “news” if you want to at least purport to be economically competent by the way).

We are in an utterly broken, corrupt, horrendously unequal economic and political climate totally owned and dominated by the elite and you are sitting here telling the world from one of the most prominent news outlet that we are FUNDAMENTALLY SOLID??

You are either incredibly dumb or willfully misrepresenting reality to control the masses in a 1984 style dystopian fashion.  I know you will not respond because you are a shill for the Democratic party, and probably a cosmic wuss on top of it all.  But please educate yourself or rid the news world of your disgusting lies.  You are lower than pond scum, good day sir.

To which he replies:

“Maybe it’s too much to expect you to be civil and not engage in personal attacks, but I nonetheless take your feedback seriously.
If you read the story, you will see this paragraph fairly high – I think you missed it – and if you look at my coverage of blue-collar American and Carriers, you will see I spend plenty of time outside the bubble. Best – N

“To be sure, the economic worries that enabled Mr. Trump to capture the Rust Belt and in turn the White House persist: The future for Americans without a college degree or specialized skills is dim; millions of former workers are still on the sideline; and factory jobs are disappearing.’

And me:

“You lost any pretense for civility the moment you signed your name to that pile of rubbish for everyone to see.  Of course, you work for NYT so your writing can only deviate from the approved narrative so much before they throw you out.

Ooh one sentence in the entire article about the difficulty for people to get jobs! What a valiant aside to the majority of Americans who have been and continue to be totally screwed for the past several decades by broken, noncompetitive markets, bought and paid for legislation, and next to zero political representation!  Any article that your news publication makes about the economy that isn’t consistently framed by the need for a revolution of our political system that is totally bought and paid for by the corporatist elite should come with a byline: “NYT wholeheartedly supports and is endorsed by the rich owners of the USA, we are not here to provide truthful reporting for the masses”.

A glorious revolution is coming, and you are on the wrong side of the tracks buddy.  Please seriously consider the consequences of what you publish.”

Further hand-wringing over my lack of civility ensued from poor Nelson, but I could see there was no more use for the exchange, if there ever had been.  Fortunately, this chart from the good folks at Naked Capitalism says all that needs to be said, accompanying article can be found here:



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