Freedom: a spiritual corollary to the previous post

In order for us to free ourselves from the chains of the corporate oligarchy and its financial parasitism, we first and foremost must be willing to stop and look honestly at ourselves, the world around us, and then take action. Are we ready to look?  Are we prepared for the immensity of the fight before us? … More Freedom: a spiritual corollary to the previous post

Honor the Source

The common theme which seems to pervade many of my favorite movies – Avatar, Star Wars, the Lord of the Rings series – is the core truth that we are not the individual, but just a temporary expression of something much larger.  “The force” in Star Wars, “Eywa” in Avatar, and the power of the … More Honor the Source

NYTimes Trolljob extraordinaire (slow day at work)

My recent email back-and-forth with the NYTimes reporter Nelson D. Schwartz regarding his front-page article celebrating the wonderful Obama economy, my email begins with the quote from his article: ”  ‘For all his criticism of Mr. Obama’s economic stewardship during the campaign, Mr. Trump inherits an economy that is fundamentally solid. Consumer sentiment, corporate profits … More NYTimes Trolljob extraordinaire (slow day at work)

“Inflation worries” from Trump fiscal stimulus

The latest scare-mongering among the economically ignorant comes from the Fed, as outlined in this Reuters piece.  In it, we are warned of the inflation risk of Trump proposals for infrastructure spending, tax cuts, and other potential expansionary policies.  Inflation is always the buzz-word to caution against aggressive government spending (which is desperately needed, and … More “Inflation worries” from Trump fiscal stimulus